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/site - our websote
/time - what time is it
/rules - rules
/admins - wich admin is here?

/regnick - register your nickname and choose a password
/changepass - Change your password
/changenick - will be unavailable - ask an admin-
/level - see your level and stats
/buylevel -buy / rise your level
/login - to log in (/login yourpass)
/job - see curent mission
/pay - pay a player
/pocket - see what's in your poket
/pwithdraw - take the money from your poket
/epocket -empty your poket
/charity - give money for chariity
/visit - see the number of visitors
/nos - add nos to your car
/hydro - add hydrolic to your car

/enter - enter a building
/exit - exit from a building

/betrace - bet on a race
/betdm - bet on a deathmatch
/bets - see current bets
/switchkey - switch between your house's and your car's key
/givekey -give your key
/gangcmd - see some gangs commands
/setworld /sw - comme back in world 0

POLICE commands
/megaphonr /m - use police car's megaphone
/d /departments: Officier/chied speaking
/mdc -see the police computer
/suspect /su - suspect a player ( his icon becomes orange : criminal)
/ticket - give a tiket
/cuff - bound a player in your car
/uncuff -free your hostage
/wanted - see the list of wanted people
/free - free someone from wanted list ( he becomes civilian)
/duty - lleave your sign at home ( your civilian)
/cuff - stuck the player in your car as passenger
/uncuff - uncuff
/taz - cop weapons to stop criminal with 50 000v Charge
/untaz - to thaw a player
/pullincar - take a suspect in your copcar
/lspdo - open cop parking

Stast Commands


/level - Show you rplayer stats (level,mission,money,Exp...)
/topme - Your stats
/rank - show your stats on the chat
/rme - your stats
/mystats - your stats Kill-death-spree you can also see on your php website
/tf - total frag, frag for Killingspree count

Chat Commands


/number (phonebook 24-7) - find phone number
/cellphonehelp - phone help
/sms - send SMS
/Advertise (/ad) - do advertise
/gtalk - create group talk
/l /local /say - speak to other local player (near you)
/s /shout - Shoots on the chatbox
/r /radio - speak to your team (same color)
/wisper /w
/call /c - call a player
/call 911 - call cop or medic
/pickup /p - take phone
/hangup /h - hang phone


Yoou Win Exp every hours at payday ou when you succeed mission.
Type /level to see your level (and stats)
At each level you can upgrade health and respawn weapons.
Type /upgrade (2 upgrade point per level)

Upgrade list Level 2
Weapons: sdpistol colt45
Extra Ammo: pistolammo
/upgrade health > 1pts for +5HP (Maximum 150HP)
/upgrade colt45 > give colt (also when you die)

/resetupgrades - if you do mistake or want change respawn pts use it

House and Bussiness

On the server you can buy a lot of house (one by player) and business, if your level and your money autorized it.

House (levle 3 mini): House are usefull to spawn at your home.
You have also a lot of thing as /rentroom and choose price of rent.
Active /heal place in your home...

Principal Command :

House command:

/enter - enter in your house or in a place if open

/exit - leave your house

/lock - lock oropen your house door

/buyhouse – Buy house shere you are

/rentroom - rent a roam

/unrent - stop rent house

/setrentable 1 - put your house available to rent for other

/setrentable 0 - remove your house of rent

/setrent - set rent price

/evict - evict a rent palyer

/evictall - evict all player who rent at your house

/fixcar - fix your car, car appear at your garage.

/housewithdraw (/hu) - take money of your house till

/hbank (/hb) - put money in your house till

/sellhouse - buy your house

/heal - you can get health and bodyguard in biz/house who have heal place (it s free after pay entrance)

/houseupgrade /hu - upgrade house available

"|_______ Home Supplys _______|
"| 1: Health Upgrade $50000
"| 2: Armour Upgrade $100000
"| 3: TV $500
"| 4: TV Door Cam $1000
"| 5: Subscribe DM TV $10000
"| 6: Subscribe SR TV $10000
"| 7: Subscribe PEN TV $20000
"| 8: UAV Surveillance System $100000

/carupgrade -Choose your car (different car as different level)

/carcolor - Choose your car color (show color code on our siteweb)

Bizness command:

Supermarket (ou 24/7) – To buy service as a lock for a car a katana or a speedomater to see your car max speed.

"USAGE: /buy [item number]
"|_______ 24-7 _______|
"| 1: Cell Phone $500
"| 2: Scratch Card $1000
"| 3: Phone Book $500
"| 4: Dice $500
"| 5: Vehicle Key $5000
"| 6: Vehicle Lock $10000
"| 7: Speedometer $5000
"| 8: Katana $5000

You can discover a lot of biz thought the city, icon i info show you biz entrance.

First aides command for Buisness (it depend of biz skills):
/buybiz – buy the biz where you are.

/sellbiz – for selling your biz.

/lock –insied or behind your biz door lock/open your biz.

/bizfee – set entrance biz price

/bizwithdraw – take biz in your biz till

/bizinfo – information about your biz

/pricemod <0> -for cheap price /pricemod 4 to put 4% of amunation gunshop price

/comprice <20000> - to set componant price you will be buy

/bizwithdraw - show your till biz

/bizwithdraw <100000> - take 100.000 $ in your cashbox Biz

/bizbank (/bbank) - put money in your biz cashbox

/bank /deposite - Deposite money to your bank accunt
/loan - borrow money
/withdraw - take money of your bank acunt
/transfert /wiretransfer - bank Transfert
/balance - interest

Other Small Biz

Licence flying: to drive plane
parachute: parachute jump
Hide and seek: (/hide) you becom hide icon on the map
FixCar: to house owner fix his car
Houseupgrade: sell hupgrade house to house owner
Carsel: rent car or motorbike biz
/rentcar - rent a car or motorbike
/lock - you can open/lock your car
/unrentcar - stop rent car
GPS - show you the best pay comonant biz
jointeam - change team to keep your skin in different team
coffeeshop: drugs seller (/buydrug /selldrugs)
/buycomp - buy componant before selling
/sellcomp - sell componant to biz


Type /ah to see admin cmd to your lvl

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